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C A O   ​​C O N G   

Produced by Presque Vu

Co-director&Performer: Chai Min-Hung, Karolin Johnson 

Design by Cao Cong

A secretive woman trapped in a loveless marriage. A controlling husband. A doctor paid to observe but corrupted by lust.

The story of a doctor driven to kill by an impossible love for a married woman is a story told a thousand times; but how many times have you heard it from the pages of the guilty party’s diary?

Inspired by Hjalmar Soderberg's timeless novel Doktor Glas, The Palest Ink is a spellbinding retelling of the old story that shines new light on the tangled web of distorted perceptions, volatile personalities, and unreliable judgment that leads inextricably to disaster. When memories start to fade and guilty minds start playing tricks, can you even trust what is written in black and white?

9th – 11th Sept  2017
                      Venue: Hen & Chickens Theatre

“The most powerful memory cannot compare with the palest ink.”

If you knew that you could get away with murder, would you commit one?