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C A O   ​​C O N G   

China's capital is notorious for its chronic pollution. Even indoors it's a struggle to find clean air, sayd John Sudworth

- BBC News, 15 january 2017


                    December, 2016

No Smog 无雾霾, is a collective photography event collecting from general people who are living in smog environment in China. It is a dominant topic which has been represented to the public by numerous artists, film directors, journalists and so on. Mobilizing people to recode this moment is the motivation for doing this event. What is the cause of its air pollution...

Many thanks for all practitioners 

I-shun Lee, Lan Lan, Lydia, Sun Chang, Tie Ying, Wang Jing, Wuxian, Xiao Shan, Xiaoying Zhang, Lois Guo, Sun Bo, Jia Fan, Saozi, Linda, Songfang Chen, Muqun Chang, Dondon, Jia Fan, Yaolang... ...