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World Stage Design 2017

 World Stage Design 2017 Scenofest, Kuandu Museum of Fine Art,  08-09, 2017.

Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St.George's Road, London SE1 6ER, 09.2016

'Lingering Games 吾有' is an interdisciplinary group devised physical theatre project. Working with a team of creative artists from various backgrounds, director and scenographer Cao Cong directs and designs the performance. 

It is stated by looking at the concept of 'home', temporary home and permanent home, migratory home and fixed home, material home and the idea of home, and gradually lifted the focus to how our desire construct social phenomenon, system and platform between illusion and reality, how they affect or control our daily lives, our thought and our actions.

Director/Scenographer/Concept/Performer: Cao Cong
Choreographer/Performer: Rob McNeill, Robin Khor Yong Kuan, Ewa Limanówka, Holly Rush, Paulína Šmatláková
Live Musician/Composer: Cos Chapman
Lighting Designer: Francesc Serra Vila
Costume Supervisor: Feiyi Shuai

Photographer/Graphic Designer/Video Editing: Weiman 
Videographer: Weiman, Yifan Hu, Wenqi Tan 
Production Company: Verse Unbound Ltd., Clart Project

Lingering Games 吾有

Verse Unbound in Collaboration with Clart Project

Photo credit: Weimam