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C A O   ​​C O N G   

Set and Costume Design by Cao Cong (Congcong Cao)

Directed by Sinead Rushe 

Performed by CDT acting students in Royal Central Speech and Drama

Julius Caesar is Shakespeare based on the true history of ancient Rome, about the conflict between two political parties (Caesar and Conspirators). The play opens with the celebration of Caesar triumph after he defeated Pompey’s army, Caesar is a representative figure of autocracy; his power increasingly being extended. Therefore Cassius attempts to instigate Brutus to join their conspiracy to kill Caesar with other conspirators. After Caesar’s assassinate, Brutus delivers his oration to the crowd to defend his motivation, and they are on stand by his side. Subsequently, Mark Antony takes a chance on Caesar’s corpse to make his ingenious speech to the crowd, throughout manipulating people’s emotions, he has inverted peoples’ perspectives and turned them against the conspirators. 

The scenographic concept of Julius Caesar is that defining the centre stage and edge areas as the see/be seeing dyad, dividing audience area as two separate groups, inviting the audience to participate in this show, and using a microphone, lectern and backlights as the dramaturgical languages to provoke its various interpretations.

Julius Caesar

                         William Shakespare 

​                         Venue: St Peter's, London

“Scenography, naming a theatre of complex visuality, presents itself to the contemplating gaze like a text, scenic poem, in which the human body is a metaphor, its flow of movement in a complex metaphorical sense an inscription, a 'writing' and not 'dancing'.                              

                                                                 - Hans-Thies Lahmann

Photo credit Cao Cong, Nick Moran