C A O   ​​C O N G   

Inter-fashionality, a physical performance by Night Clear 19(Cao Cong & Weiman, Clart Project) and Hexagon collective with dancers Luke Crook and Waddah Sinada takes place at the private view and creates links between tradition and modernity and east and west to highlight similarities and essence, despite cultural differences. This performance based upon the exhibition of fashion artists Mingjing Lin and Yingjun Li to extend the concept of 'one-piece' pattern of Qipao.  

As part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage programme of the Art and technology research center in Tsinghua University, the Royal College of Art presents an exhibition exploring Qipao, the traditional Chinese dress. 
Interfashionality,  displays 4 pieces of traditional Qipao alongside contemporary interpretations of the garment, including two 3-D printed versions. The fashion artists have reinterpreted the traditional garment with modern 3D printing and parametricmodeling. With cultural exchange at the heart of the project, the new garments echo tradition in the way they are both sustainable, as they follow a continuous pattern there is little waste material.


             12-16 October 2016
                          Venue: Hockney Gallery
College of Art

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Performance by Night Clear 19(Cao Cong, Weiman, Clart Project), Hexagon Collective

Dancer: Luke Crook, Waddah Sinada 

Music by Ronny C

Exhibition by Mingjing Lin, Yingjun Li



                                                                                                                                    - Claire Pajaczkowska ( A professor in Royal
Collage of Art)