C A O   ​​C O N G   

CAO CONG  based in London, and currently she is studying Theatre Practice in Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She is a director, theatre designer and fine art maker interested in the field of interactions between our daily phenomenon and people's past experiences,  she manipulates the interconnected relationship of body, space, and material to visualize the complex narratives. Her works include devised theatre, performance art, scenography, set and costume design, fine art, installation, photography, and media art.

Directing/Scenography/Stage Design/ Performing Projects

Devising Theatre and Performance

Lingering Games. Director/Scenographer: Cao Cong, in the World Stage Design 2017 Scenofest, Taibei.

 Julius Caesar. Designer: Cao Cong, written by Shakespeare. Director: Sinead Rushe, in St Peters, London, 2017.

The Palest Ink. Designer: Cao Cong,  Co-Directer/Performers: Chai Min Hung, Karolin Johnson, in Hen&Chickens Theatre, 2017

Physical Performance for Exhibition 'Inter-fashionality', Performance Director: Cao Cong. Scenography/Filming: CLART PROJECT (WATERWILL) & HEXAGON COLLECTIVE, Fashion

                Artist: Yingjun Li, Mingjing Lin, in  Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London UK, 2016.

Site-specific, Immersive Theatre and Performance

Before the Law, creative artist: Cao Cong, written by Franz Kafka, in The Others, London, 2018

Saint Joan of the Stockyards, Designer Assistant: Cao Cong, written by Bertolt Brecht, Director: Gareth White, Designer: Lia Waber, in Banksides, London, 2017

Lingering Games. Director/ Scenographer: Cao Cong, in Siobhan Davies Studio, London UK, 2016.

(dis)placed, a site-specific immersive performance, creative artist and performer: Cao Cong,  in  Green Rooms, Wood Green, London, 2016. 

Speculative Projects

Opera: The Tales of Hoffmann, a speculative project, Scenographer: Cao Cong, composed by Jacques Offenbach, Ambica P3, 2017.

Play: Sylvia, written by A.R. Gurmey, in Majestic Theatre. Director: Sherwood Hu, Scenographer: Wang Jing, Scenographer assistance: Congcong Cao, 2016.

Play: Wastwater, a speculative project, written by Simon Stephens, in Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, UK, 2015.


Interactive Views, Royal Central School Speech and Drama, University of London, UK, 2015.

Undefined Definition, artist Cao Cong, exhibits in University of Arts London, UK, 2015.

Photo credit Tie Ying